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Society Management App mApartment launching in Sec-15, Faridabad
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Day after day we complain about the things not up to the mark in the society we reside and therefore there’s always a need for some change, some modification and some upgradation that our society deserves.
But after-all this whole change is not only for the betterment of the society but also for our good living. Therefore the solution to your problems related to your society/apartment is now in the form of mApartment.

So what is mApartment?

mApartment is Mobile and Web-based Residential Society Management Software developed by AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based on SaaS model as well as integrated with all the management facilities required under the society. Do we have an AIM? Yes, we do. mApartment aims to provide a complete digital solution that tends to improve the efficiency of operations & maintenance with a reduction in cost. “Customer satisfaction is Our satisfaction”, you may heard about this motto a lot of times but when it comes to reality mApartment service believes in achieving this not only through the words but also from their purpose of providing the services along with their teams of professional developers and managers.

What services do we provide?

I guess this is going to be your next question to us that what facilities do we provide? The services provided by the mApartment are based on Web services and Mobile services for –

  • Residents – This service is for the Residents of the society.
  • Management – This service is for the Management of the society

For Residents –

We believe that it’s not the houses or some parks and complexes together that make a society. It’s the residents that complete a society with their well being and togetherness. But as we’re seeing nowadays, residents are there, society are also there but the facilities are not there. That’s why, to ease the way of living we designed this web/mobile service for residents.

Facilities for Residents –

  • Directory – User can go through a complete directory structure of the every person related to the society along with their contact details.
  • Maintenance Bill – Will be able to see all your society’s maintenance bill as well as make payments from the application itself.
  • Complaints – Your problems from personal to community. Its easy to file and review with our convenient display structure.
  • Visitor – Manage visitors to your apartment and save them from the hassle of entry at the security gate by entering them as a expected visitors.

Residential Society Management Software mApartment for Housing Society

Is there something new?

YES!. The new things that are implemented in the mApartment are – Voting and Panic Alert.
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Voting –

What’s so special about Voting? Voting has really been important for the welfare of society over the years. From casting votes to asking for votes, everything can be done with just few clicks. mApartment allows you to select upto 8 options during the creation of any vote. “Vote because your vote matters”.

Panic Alert –

One of the other feature implemented in mApartment service is Panic Alert. Whenever or wherever you find yourself in a panic situation just Tap! and an automatic notification will be send to your selected contacts. Just CLICK! and its SENT. Super easy, isn’t it?

Highlights for Management –

  • Instant Notifications – Resident/Owner gets instant notification on their Mobile Phones, whenever a visitor checks-in.
  • Domestic Helper Attendance Tracking – Ability to check Domestic Staff Attendance of Maid, Cook, Driver etc.
  • Add Guests as Expected Visitors – Make your Guests feel welcome by pre-entering them as expected visitors and save their time queuing at the gate.
  • Security Analytics – With these reports the management committee or society manager gets real time insights on visitor data & trends, gets ability to optimise security guards.
  • Real Time Sync – App automatically updates check in/checkout details to mApartment server on the background.

Achievements –

  • mApartment was successfully launched at Sector – 15, Faridabad by RWA inaugurated by Cabinet Minister Haryana Goverment Shri. Vipul Goel and President of RWA Sector – 15 Shri. Sanjay Batra.
  • It was definitely a memorable moment for the CEO of AppCode Technologies Shri. Sandeep Srivastava and his team who made this project to run successfully at Sector – 15 and provided the facilities that were promised.
  • mApartment is already running successfully at SAI VATIKA, SAI PARK handling a huge data from these societies and managing day to day queries from the users of the society providing them a complete support for the better understanding of the service.
  • mApartment is also already running successfully at SRS RESIDENCY handling the data from most of the users across the society as well as providing them a complete backend support for any queries around the app.

RWA management Software in Sec-15, Faridabad

Contact Us –

225A, 2nd Floor, SRS Corporate Tower, Sector-31,
Near Mewala Mahrajpur Metro Station, Faridabad – 121003, Haryana, India