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Recovery of Dues in Housing Society

Recovery of Dues

A Housing society consists of Residents who possess different cultures and backgrounds and then there is Management whose work is to manage and facilitate the society and works related to it. Like other facility management process, there is one major management process that deals with the proper arrangement, recovery of dues, and documentation for the payments that the Resident has to pay monthly or on the yearly basis.

All the members of the housing society must pay the mandatory fixed expenses and dues without fail so that they can enjoy the benefits and services offered by a housing society. No matter what the reason is, including any disputes within the society should never come in between the payment of the dues. It should be made on time in all the cases.

Recovery of Dues in Housing Society

Who are Defaulters?

Defaulters are termed as those residents who fail to perform a duty. Commonly defaulters are the residents that fail to pay the dues regularly or refuse to pay the bills for the basic amenities that are provided through the funds given by the housing society.

The defaulters can be deprived of those services provided to the housing society by the RWA through the funds given by the Residents as well as the housing association is bound to take legal action against the defaulters as per the policies of the Society.

But in this world of fully polished yet recovery of dues isn’t a piece of cake. And why is this becomes so dreadful to the recovery of dues is just because some people forget to pay their bills every month and some of them just detest the idea of paying their dues. But the question arises is that – How to make people pay their dues on time and if they refuse to pay then what will be the further steps that management should take for the recovery of the dues.


1. Make those people aware of the importance of payment of dues personally.
2. Send SMS/Email in advance for the payment with the last date of the payment of dues.
3. Put a notice or chart that highlights the point of dues payment.

Importance of payment of dues in Housing Society

What if Resident still refuses to pay?

The best alternative to deal with such kind of situation is to send a notice to provide that Resident an extra 10-12 days for their dues payment. But if still, the Resident refuses to pay the dues then some of the following measures can be opted –

1. First, call for a management committee meeting of Resident Welfare Association(RWA) and send a registered notice to all the Committee members/residents indicating about this issue and take preventive measures by discussing it with the members of the RWA.
2. Send another registered notice to the Defaulters mentioning them about the decision taken by the RWA and asking them to pay the dues up to the mentioned date otherwise legal action could be taken.
3. A Recovery Suit can be filed against the defaulters before the Court praying for the direction upon defaulters to make the said payment with interest and also approval for ceasing to spend any further amount in providing basic amenities to them from the funds provided by others.

PS: The above-mentioned points are suggestions and not laws. Please consult your lawyer before implementing any of the above.

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