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Tenant Verification for Apartment Security

Tenant Verification

Renting the apartment is a trending source of income for the peoples having an apartment in a society and if seen from a Tenant point of view this is one of the most affordable ways of living. It’s like one of the most suitable sources of income for the people nowadays.

Tenant Verification for Housing Society

But before renting your apartment are you really aware of the person and its credentials. Well, most of the apartment owners don’t. And the question arises that is there really a need for Tenant Verification? Even at a safer place like societies??

What is Tenant Verification?

Tenant verification ensures a landlord that his tenants are capable of paying rent on time and are not having any criminal background. Tenant Verification plays an important and vital role in finding the best tenants for your rental apartment. Successful landlords know that tenant verification is the most important task when letting property. Tenant Verification can be either done by the landlord himself or by a hired professional service provider. Today, renting a property is one of the important sources of income for landlords, and tenant verification ensures that tenants are of a good background.

Nearly 90% problems related to Tenant can be countered through the process of Tenant Verification and finally, you get the best and most suitable Tenant for your apartment that turns the house into a HOME.

Guidelines for Tenant Verification?

The following tips help you to know important things you need to consider in the tenant verification process such as-

Police Verification – It is a process of form filling done from the owner side by getting the approval from police authorities that allows you to take in the tenants inside your premises. Nowadays police verification has become mandatory for the house owners and this can be done through collecting the form manually from your nearest police station or can download directly from

Background – This process let owners know about the tenant history in a way like – is the tenant is having a habit of skipping the rent or is of troublesome nature.

Credit Score – This will let you know that is your tenant capable of paying the rent amount monthly/yearly. This plays an important role while selecting the right tenant for your apartment and this can be achieved by checking the salaries or credit card score.

Is there an Easier way to follow all this?

Well yes, there is mApartment Society Management Application allows you to verify the tenant with all the required guideline at one place. The Tenant Module provided in the Resident service allows you to verify your tenants in one go. Some of the features those are covered under the Tenant Module are-

  • User don’t need to create another database or tab for their Tenant Verification.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • User can see, access, edit the tenant details at one place as per the requirements.
  • Once added, then Tenants can also use the mApartment services.

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With the Tenant module, mApartment also comes with the features like Voting, Directory, Complaints, Panic Alert and many more.

To make a society a safer place one should always go through the Tenant Verification before lending their space on rent. As we all know that – “Prevention is better than Cure” and therefore its better to be safer beforehand than being sorry later. And eventually, this practice will lead our steps to create a friendly society.